Do you work at a public library? Use this space to find and share ideas for TTW programs that are hosted through public libraries!

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We will most certainly have a gaming day to celebrate TTW.  I'd like to offer at least one other program for TTW, but haven't narrowed my choices yet.

I've got 5 branches to cover so I will be doing 5 different programs. I definitely want to create a Wikipedia page and have a gaming night. I also will be doing an informational session on cyberbullying and social media privacy. Not sure about the other 2 yet

We do gaming every week so we will keep that up. We will also be making floppy disk notebooks.  Still trying to come up with maybe one more project.

I am hosting a book discussion called Technology: A Novel Discussion. I am hoping that participants come ready to discuss their favorite technology-inspired book. If they don't, then I am MORE than prepared to discuss my favorite titles, such as Little Brother, Machine Man (not YA, but woah!), Feed, and others.

We are lucky enough to have a Media Lab--a Mac with software for video, photo and music editing.  I am going to ask teens to come in and create something.  I am planning on either having them draw a word out of a hat that they have to include, or draw a mystery object out of a box that they will have to work into their project.  I'm going to post all of the creations on our website or Facebook page and have teens vote for their favorite. 

I'd like to give each teen a prize for participating, but I'm not sure what to buy that is techie and inexpensive enough to buy in multiples.  Do you have any ideas?  I am also drawing a blank on what to name the program.  This is always the hardest part for me!

Our Winter programs at Longview (WA) Public Library are leading up to a very special "Robot Garage" program, brought to us by the Seattle Museum of Flight.  We will be featuring local young women from the HS Robotics Club who competed at regional levels. 

Before that, we will highlight passions including writing, books, cooking, and even My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic bronies.

Here's our line up:

17-Jan  2012 Teen Video Challenge; meet local teen film-maker, Eric Nguyen
24-Jan Teen Writing Club Launch; published authors coach your work
31-Jan Iron Chef Longview! Judges: The Brits’ Alice Dietz, Janice Stixrud, R.D.+
7-Feb Restless 2011, PG-13, 91 minutes
14-Feb My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic.
Brony Jeopardy, Cutie Marks Buttons, Valentines, Minus World Cupcakes
21-Feb Read Outside the Box! -- Readers Theatre (Teen Book Club’s choice!)
28-Feb My Little Pony-Friendship is Magic-Friendship Express, 2012, NR, 110 mn
6-Mar TEEN TECH WEEK; Geek Out @ your library!
Museum of Flight brings “Robot Garage” (limit of 36)

BTW, I'm getting some pushback on the "geek/Passion" language, neither of which is positive with most local teens.

I want to know more about your MLP programs.  A teen at my library recently approached me about doing this kind of program, and I had no idea what he was talking about!!  He explained the basics to me, but please enlighten me about what you are doing!  :)

Hello everybody!

I am thinking about having different activities for each day. The activities will consist of gaming, tech history, and an ebook workshop. I am also thinking of having a Pinterest or Publisher workshop. This will be my first Teen Tech week and I just started the new position this week!

I would like to offer a "Geek-Out Night at Your Library" to our area teens. This would be a lock-in situation from 3:30 - 9 PM. We will have game systems from our local video stores and games that are rated "E" for everyone or "T" for teen. The plan is to supply plenty of food (pizza, popcorn, and soda) and set up tournaments for the different games.  This would be a great time for students to interact with each other as well as try out a game system that they may not have at home. Of course the teens will bring their own electronic devises and try each other's, that's half the fun of it!

I work in a middle school library.  I plan to place "mystery" pictures around the library and have students try to identify them.  Students love taking pics so I might have them turn in photos they have taken and display them in the library.  Also, the student library council decided to have a gaming competition throughout the week.  When the kids get involved in deciding what should take place it seems to be very successful

The Teen Advisory Board is sponsoring a contest inviting teens to express their "secret geek" through photography, art, or writing.  The subject can be whatever teens geek out about, and the prize is a $25 Visa gift card.  We're also having Mario Night, celebrating the legendary Nintendo character with tournaments and games, and an iPod music party, where teens can share their music and listen while they make tech crafts.  It should be a fun week!

I'm planning on a movie night (maybe an older movie like the first Mission Impossible that was SOOOO high tech when it came out but is laughable ancient to teens now) and do a Mystery Science Theater 3000/Rifftrax take on it. 

We usually do a craft during our movie nights; right now we might be creating our own bracelets with cording and beads, or decorating hacky sacks. Or maybe a duct tape craft, if I can get my hands on enough rolls, and create wallets or mp3 holders. Not techy, but it fits what we could afford in the budget, especially since we're having a big Hunger Games program at the end of the month for the movie release.  :-D 

I'm also planning on having a meme contest, using pictures that I've selected from the meme generator and having teens create their own captions. 


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