What are some good DIY themed items that would make good prizes?  What sort of displays around the DIY them are folks planning, either on their web site or in the library?  Share your ideas here!

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Could you get local businesses to donate some gift cards- we have some very popular downtown novelty shops and coffee shops... 

I'd love to hear some of your bingo square ideas. 

what about colorful USB flash drives?

Mollie and Donna, thanks for your suggestions. I spoke with my Head Librarian and we've decided earbud headphones would be a good prize considering how many kids ask if we have any spares.

As for some of the bingo square ideas, I wanted to get the teens doing tech-savy things like following us on our social media sites (this way they can stay informed on other events/programs we have going on), using the catalog to find/order something, watch book reviews on youtube, read a blog entry about technology in the library, and my personal favorite, message their favorite author on a social media site that they use (how cool would it be if they got a message back!?).

Hopefully there are no hangups during TTW, but I'm really excited to see how this turns out either way.

I LOVE the idea of messaging your favorite author! Thanks for the idea.

How do you know they really did these things?  Are you using an honor system or requiring any documentation?      I like your idea and am trying to figure out how to do something similar.



We'll be initialing the bingo sheets as they complete each task so this will promote participating in this program while in the library. As an example, one of the tasks is visiting our Teen Page, so they would simply show us they are visiting our site and we would sign off on it.

For most of our activities they will have to come up with some sort of information which suggests they did the challenge. (Our bingo is a mix of low and high tech.) Ex: Play song #5 on the tape, write the first line.  or Find the TTW logo on our website (which is buried within our teen pages) etc.

I know this sounds too simple but, teens enjoy snacks, like small candy bars, lunch  box cookie packs, coupon to the local deli, ice cream shop or candy shop. Teens I work with are always hungry.

I've put together artsy bags too. Just a lunch bag or leftover SLP bags with a plastic Frisbee, a paperback book, or a small token from leftover small prizes like candy bars. The kids love them and it's always a surprise!

I don't think it is too simple. When I have theme parties I usually get together prizes ranging from  books to Pocky. Sometimes I will have a $15 movie gift card but everyone will just go for the Pocky. In fact when people start to get upset that their team is last to pick prizes, I always say what did you want and 9X out of 10 it is Pocky. Go figure.

I live in an area where I am lucky enough to be able to purchase Japanese candy and snacks at the $1.50 store, but if you plan ahead you can get Pocky for around $2.20 a box (if you buy the 10 pack) on amazon or through Asian Food Grocer (includes shipping from AFG). So while not super cheap like buying small candy bars, not a super crazy price wise if you have a little bit more to spend.

I usually hand out candy/snacks and books as prizes and they love the food. They're always looking for some kind of snack!

As for a display I'm going to have a book display with tech/DIY related books and hanging around the entrance of the teen zone I'm creating CD garland (CDs with holes drilled in them) with letters attached spelling out Teen Tech Week.


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