Event Planning Toolkit

Need some help planning Teen Tech Week beyond activities? Then you've come to the right place! Start planning by:

  • following the timeline developed by the Teen Tech Week committee
  • using the Teen Tech Week planning checklist
  • download and use the Teen Tech Week Planning Form (Word doc) to organize your event
  • reading professional materials designed to inspire you
  • read YALSA's Teen Programming Guidelines (.pdf) to learn about best practices in programming for and with teens


This timeline for Teen Tech Week should help you plan an amazing celebration; we've separated suggestions for school and public libraries to aid in planning.

Planning Checklist

Follow these ten steps for the best Teen Tech Week ever!

  1. Register online and download the official logo at www.ala.org/teentechweek. (You must be signed in to see the logo, under "Registration").
  2. Check the TTW web site for program and activity ideas
  3. Collaborate with teens to create a fabulous event that engages the community. Schedule a session with your TAG or TAB, provide snacks, and let the teens brainstorm away.
  4. Partner with local businesses, schools, and youth centers to promote your event and gain resources for your celebration.
  5. Shop online for ALA Graphics/YALSA products that support your library’s TTW activities. Look for giveaways and prizes that teens will enjoy.
  6. Get the word out! Create promotional materials for your event using YALSA’s publicity tools or get the free themed digital downloads (must sign into ning for access) for this year. Go wherever your teens gather or online and spread the word.
  7. Let others know what you are doing. Share teen tech plans with colleagues on the Showcase page.
  8. Take the opportunity to share positive stories about teens with the press. Use YALSA's TTW publicity tools to connect with the local media.
  9. Talk to your colleagues in the Forum about your plans, offer advice, and more!
  10. Stay tuned to the YALSA blog for news about technology, contests, and program ideas that can enhance your Teen Tech Celebration! Find the latest at http://yalsa.ala.org/blog.

Be sure to download the Teen Tech Week Planning Form (Word doc) to organize your event!

Professional Materials

Find inspiration in the following articles, blog posts, books, and other professional materials, selected by the Teen Tech Week committee.

Barseghian, Tina.  “Dispelling Myths About Blocked Websites in Schools.” 20 Sept. 2011. Web. 21 Sept. 2011.

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YALSA's Top Reads: STEM and Making. YALSAhttp://www.alastore.ala.org/detail.aspx?ID=12027

Encourage teens to take advantage of all the great digital tools offered through the library to become content creators! #TTW18


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