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Stoicheia Elements Reception and Maker Open House

In celebration of Teen Tech Week, and in honor of International Women's Day, Arts and Communication Magnet Academy Maker Club, in collaboration with Lumina Lab and the Intel Innovators Program, presents a Maker Open House and Opening Reception for Stoicheia [ELEMENTS] on Thursday, March 9 from 6:00 - 9:00 pm in the foyer of ACMA's Performing Arts Center.…


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18 Days of Teen Tech Week Programming

Day #10: Peeps Show

It's Easter time and that mean an abundance of Peeps.  Peeps are cheap and come in a variety of colors, what can you do with them?  Make a diorama of change.

There are two ways to do this: 1-Give your teens two hours to make their…


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18 Days of Teen Tech Week Programming

Day #9: Interactive Change

Surround your teen room/space with messages of change!  Teens can draw a picture of themselves or a piece that represents their message.  They record a MP3 of their message of change and when other teens visit your space and touch the picture, they can hear the message of change.

Here's How:


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18 Days of Teen Tech Week Programming

Day #8-Social Change Bookmarks

With this new administration, civil rights are being challenged daily.  You can encourage your teens and all their classmates to voice their concerns to their congressman through bookmarks.

Simply download an app that prints old timey photo booth strips.  Our favorite is Cream &…


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18 Days of Teen Tech Week Programming

Day #7: Upcycle Your Jeans

Many teens are passionate about the environment and one way to help them get the word out is upcycling.  You and your teens can encourage their friends to turn their old denim jeans into bookbags, purses, jewelry, hair accessories, or book covers.

Incorporating Upcyclying your Jeans into your Teen Tech Week Programming

  • If you have sewing machines, here's…

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18 Days of Teen Tech Week Programming

Day #6: Umbrellas for Love (Social Change)

Teens like to write messages of tolerance, love, and peace so think out of the box and have them turn umbrellas into artwork.

Set out tarps, paint, Sharpies, or fabric markers and umbrellas-you can purchase white umbrellas at Oriental Trading.  Provide a theme of social change and let the creativity…


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YALSA announces Gene Luen Yang as 2017 Teen Tech Week™ National Spokesperson

YALSA is excited to announce award winning young adult author Gene Luen Yang as its 2017 Teen Tech Week national spokesperson.

Gene Luen Yang is the National Ambassador for Young People's Literature and has written and drawn many graphic novels, including American Born Chinese, which was a National Book Award finalist, as well as the winner of YALSA's …


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18 Days of Teen Tech Week Programming

Day #5-Social Media Takeover

A popular trend you'll see on Snapchat and Twitter is a total takeover.  In the book world, publishers let authors takeover their social media to do unique, engaging posts that include videos, contests, and polls. You can allow your TAG, book club, anime club, or teen room regulars to take over your social media or a day or for the entire Teen Tech Week.  If you have strict policies for social media at your library, I advise you to get permission from…


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18 Days of Teen Tech Week Programming

Day #4-Coding Social Change

As you may have surmised, this year's theme is social change and coding.  How can you incorporate the two? Scratch, a free coding website, is the perfect place to begin.  Scratch allows you to code all types of games and you can use it to code a game about social change.  Please click this link to see a game about the…


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18 Days of Teen Tech Week Programming

Day #3-Buttons

For some reason, teens love to make buttons.  Put your button maker to use by having teens write p

How to Incorporate Your eResources into a Button Making Program:

ositive messages on their buttons to wear or to pass along to someone who ne

eds cheering…


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18 Days of Teen Tech Week Programming

Programming Idea #2-Hashtags

Social Media is a great way to spark social change.  Movements such has Black Lives Matter, Stomp out Bullying and NoH8 (No Hate), used popular social media sites to begin and maintain conversations and action.  You can empower your teens by having them choose a popular movement or start their own.

How To Begin

First you should decide which social media sites to use.  There…


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18 Days of Teen Tech Week Programming

Programming Idea #1: Zines

Zines are written publications that allow the creator to express themselves.  Zines are cheap to make and can draw a large crowd of teens.  

To do a zine program during TTW at your library, simply lay out pencils; markers; and paper. Display instructions on how to fold a zine or your can show Youtube videos about zines for inspiration and information.  Check out this…


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Encourage teens to take advantage of all the great digital tools offered through the library to become content creators! #TTW18


VRP Program Ends

Started by Kelly Dennison in Sample Title Jul 9. 0 Replies

We had a wonderful Vocational Reading Program here in Meigs, GA.  We had a lot fun but getting ready for back to school again.  Just wondering how the other libraries are feeling about their…Continue

Teen Tech Week: Lego WeDo 2.0

Started by Ruma Gonzales in Sample Title Mar 21. 0 Replies

Learn how to make the rover and program it using an iPad to respond to sensors and make sounds and different color LED lights. It is a 4-week session. Supplies will be provided. Limited space.Continue

Teen Tech Week @ ECHS

Started by Stacie Maples in Sample Title Mar 8. 0 Replies

Our Kids "creating" in the library this week.…Continue


TTW Posts from YALSABlog

Teen Tech Week: Four Steampunk Ideas

Teen Tech Week is finally here! “Libraries are for Creating” is a good theme for to introducing teens to Steampunk. Steampunk is not “punk” at all; the science fiction author, K.W. Jeter made up the word in the 1980’s. Think of it as science fiction meets Victorian Age. Jeter coined… Continue reading

Teen Tech Week: 9 Activities for Creating at Your Library

This year’s Teen Tech Week theme, “Libraries are for Creating,” highlights how teens can combine technology and creativity to create some truly unique products.  The ideas and resources here make for great program activities this Teen Tech Week and any time of the year. Paper Circuits This low-tech, low-cost project… Continue reading

Instagram of the Week – March 14

A brief look at ‘grams of interest to engage teens and librarians navigating this social media platform. Last week from March 6-12 marked this year’s “Create it at your library” Teen Tech Week celebration. Sponsored by YALSA, this yearly initiative aims to connect teens and libraries, and encourage teens to make use… Continue reading



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