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50 More Ideas for Celebrating Teen Tech Week

  1. 1. Extended library hours
  2. Open House to show off  any new digital resources the library offers with refreshments and hands-on demos
  3. Set up a Suggestion Box in the teen area—then post suggestions with responses
  4. Establish a Teen Advisory Group
  5. Design and set up a Facebook page, blog or Twitter account to reach teens
  6. Collect and post teen reviews of e-books or tech products [offer some instruction in review writing]
  7. Fines Amnesty Week to coincide with TTW
  8. Teen lock-in with a gaming tournament or film fest, followed by breakfast
  9. Books to Movies festival
  10. Anime/Manga Character contest or cosplay party
  11. Tech gadget giveaways
  12. Library Scavenger Hunt (in the building or online)
  13. Crafts related tech—make a smart phone cover, design a tablet holder, etc.
  14. Free rentals of DVDs, audiobooks, games, etc. during TTW
  15. Teen-produced Public Service Announcements
  16. Family Activity—teens help seniors build computer skills
  17. Trivia contests
  18. Work with your TAG to create a photo display or film
  19. Bulletin board filled with tech themed book suggestions from teens
  20. Teen Tech How-To Column in local newspaper; teen reviews
  21. Media Swap
  22. TTW badges—different ones for number of books read, tasks completed, etc.
  23. Contest to select teens for a TV or PSA [local station]
  24. Radio talk show interview—teens and their digital lives
  25. Design a bookmark or library card for teens contest
  26. Teens create and post book trailers online
  27. DIY Teen Space Face-lift
  28. Teens create their own e-book, zine or newspaper
  29. Host a mini Comi-Con
  30. Book discussion group – feature books based on the TTW theme
  31. Wish list—teens submit the names digital resources they wish the library provided
  32. Take teens to your state capitol to demonstrate a particular digital tool or project they’ve been working on
  33. Recruit a local expert to host an app making workshop
  34. Organize a Tech Career Fair for teens by tapping local businesses, schools and individual experts
  35. Host a Maker Faire
  36. Connect with your local hardware store to host a DIY program
  37. Work with a Guidance or Career Councilor to host a program for parents and teens about applying online for college and financial aid
  38. Organize a Tech Petting Zoo by utilizing library resources and contacting a local electronics store for staff volunteers and borrowing digital products
  39. Recruit a career coach or employment expert to talk about best practices in maintaining your online image
  40. Teach an identity theft prevention workshop
  41. Host a panel discussion with local teens and others about cyberbullying and ethical behavior online
  42. Organize a Hack-a-thon (use resources)
  43. Create help sheets to assist teen patrons with using the library’s databases and other e-resources
  44. Bring teens to a school board or town council meeting to talk about how the library helps them build digital literacy skills
  45. Host an open house for teachers to raise awareness among them about the digital resources the library has available to them and their students
  46. Share a list of digital resources the library offers with area youth-serving organizations and encourage them to use them
  47. Organize a tech recycling effort in the community to ensure items get properly disposed of
  48. Have teens create brief how-to videos that demonstrate proper use of different library digital resources
  49. Launch a Teen Techxpert effort where teen volunteers are recruited and trained to help tech support at the library
  50. Identify a local expert who can host a robotics workshop

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